1st Blog – My aims for the Blog 03/01/2014

Hi all!


Firstly Happy New Year, I wish you all the best & hope you get what you want & more in 2014!


Secondly, welcome to my Blog. Here are my intentions for my blog with regards to content, the main categories will be:


– Marathon & Ultramarathon Training

– Sports Injuries, Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation

– Nutrition for fitness, sports, weight loss & weight gain

– My training for the Brighton Marathon & ‘The Wall’ Ultramarathon

– The challenges I face personally as a Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

– Destroying myths and correcting common misconceptions


I want my blog to be informative & productive to those who read it. I would obviously like an audience with a wide range of people, from Sports Injury Therapists to total beginners in fitness. From athletes to recreational sportsmen & women.


I will be writing about my training for the 2014  Brighton Marathon & ‘The Wall’ Ultramarathon. I hope this will interest runners & other sportsmen and women, as you will see what Marathon & Ultramarathon training, and sports injury management  is like from a Sports Therapist’s perspective.

Looking forward to the blogging, I will try and keep the post short as I do have a tendancy to be unable to shorten long stories!



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