The Online Runners Practical Workshop 28/02/2021




2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Spaces Available

There’s more to Running, than just Running! Running has become increasingly popular during the pandemic, with more people joining running clubs, entering Virtual races & challenges. I believe this to be a great move in the right direction for healthier & fitter lifestyles both physically and mentally. However, running can be a high risk activity especially if you increase training load too much (Reference 1) (Gabbett 2016). Increases in load can lead to injuries to muscles (Ref 2), tendons (Ref 3) and joints (Ref 4). Runners can suffer from an injury around 100hrs of running, or 2-3 times a year (Ref 5).


But there’s hope, as we can reduce the risk of injury to allow running to be a positive experience. Strength training plays a very influential role by reducing risk injury unto 50% (Ref 6). There’s nothing worse than a negative run, especially if it’s injury related!


The Online Runners Practical Workshop will help you…

  • Understand the concepts and components of Strength & Conditioning for running
  • Find out why runners should strength train & how to include it in your training
  • Discover how to improve your speed & endurance
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of a running related injury (considering the effects of the pandemic)
  • Learn about myths about running

You’ll not only leave with new knowledge, you’ll also have new exercises designed for you to keep you running, which will be specific for you. You’ll be able to practice the exercises during the Online Workshop and it will be adapted for you to perform at home. Remember, ‘There’s more to Running than just Running’!


When is the next Online Workshop? 2pm-4pm (GMT) Sunday 28th February 2021

Where? Online of course! Details to follow later.

Is it for me? The Online Workshop will help those who are experienced or completely new to running. It will also benefit runners who have a history of injuries, or those who want to do their best to stay off the treatment table.

How much? £20 per household. Invite a household, £15 each.

How can I pay? Please send an email via the enquiry form you will receive an email with further instructions, as well as details on getting the most from the Online Workshop.

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Here’s some feedback from the Runners Practical Workshop in Feb 2020 at Karma Studios…