Gait Analysis for Sports Injuries

Gait Analysis - West Wickham

What is it Gait Analysis?

Gait Analysis is an observation of how you walk or run, using 2D video recordings. It is used to assess individuals with conditions affecting their walking, running or injury.

Why do I need it?

It will highlight imbalances which could be contributing to your symptoms and poor performance. It will identify posture or movement related problems, and it can help people run and train better.

Rebecca – A recent beginner runner who experienced a lot of knee/thigh pain while running.

Sue – An experienced runner training for a ½ marathon who experienced pain in her lower back and knees while running.

How will my Gait be Analysed?

You will run on a treadmill for no longer than 10 minutes, while I take recordings from a side and rear view. After you’ve finished running, I will analyse the recordings immediately and discuss the findings using the Hudl Technique app.

Depending on the findings, I will offer advice and prescribe an exercise plan to make improvements. The videos will be sent to you privately via the app. The Hudl Technique app has slow motion and visual features to make the analysis clear and more accurate.

Who would benefit?

A runner or walker of any ability who is struggling with a persistent injury or symptoms, or feels that their performance has been impaired.

How much is it?

30 Minute Session



  • 30 Minute Session

  • Gait Analysis

  • Advice

  • Exercise Plan

  • Access to Recordings

Gait Analysis & Sports Therapy Appointment


Per Session

  • 60 minute session

  • Gait Analysis

  • Advice

  • Treatment

  • Exercise Plan

  • Access to Recordings

How long will it take?

A Gait Analysis session takes 30 minutes. A Gait Analysis and Sports Therapy session takes 60 minutes.

Where and when?

Monday to Wednesdays at Langley Park Golf Club Gym, Barnfield Wood Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 6SZ

How do I book?

Email me at