Introduction to ‘Window of Opportunity’ during Coronavirus Lockdown 27/03/2020

It’s safe to say that life isn’t normal now! Instead of a stressful commute into work with traffic, we are waking up to bird songs, dodging toys, piles of clothes, scattered DIY projects & unfinished jobs! And then we are spending more time at home for work, educating & entertaining our kids, with our physical and mental wellbeing put on the back shelf for a bit!

You also may not have much equipment or space to do any exercise in, of which I appreciate is a common barrier along with time. Since the UK has enforced measures to slow the spread of Coronavirus, I made sure I gave this message to every client, ‘If we go into Lockdown, use this period as a Window of Opportunity’.

Fitting in injury rehab, or improving our strength of flexibility of a muscle group(s) wasn’t easy with our normal weekly schedule. You may have already discounted injury rehab as you can’t get to the gym, or don’t have guidance. Sometimes it’s hard to think laterally and do something that’s productive. This is where my idea of the ‘Window of Opportunity‘ blog comes in.

What is the ‘Window of Opportunity’ blog?

In a nutshell, the ‘Window of Opportunity’ blog is a way of me sharing ideas of alternative/improvised injury rehab, and to reduce the risk of injury during the Lockdown. This will put you in a better condition & mental place for life after Lockdown with exercise!

‘Use it or Lost it’, we’ve all heard this phrase haven’t we? And in this case it relates to fitness & injury rehab. So I had the idea of creating videos at home, with some improvisations so every household can participate. Ultimately I want to give options using some lateral thinking, for you to maintain your injury rehab. I’ll cover as many muscle groups and injuries as possible! Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

Why is this important? Just imagine the position you will be in when the government measures have been removed, after being proactive with exercise & being consistent with injury rehab. You will be more robust, stronger, mobile, agile & confident returning to training or playing your favourite sport/exercise! Rather than unconditioned, with a lack of confidence and possibly a higher risk of injury…That’s not what you want is it?

You’ll enter pre-season or the early stages of your training better prepared, and you can participate in as much exercise & training as you want, knowing you’ll have put the hours in to reduce the risk of injury! That’s not a bad situation to be in, is it?

The 1st video is ready for you to view, just click here:

***Please approach these exercises with caution, and seek advice from a qualified injury therapist, or the therapist you’re already seeking advice/treatment from. Or feel free to book an Online Consultation with me, for more information click here:***


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