Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Tutorial 01/03/2017

This is a great stretch to open up the front of your hips! If you are suffering from abdominal, hip or groin pain approach this stretch with caution, as you may aggravate your current symptoms. Get permission from your sports injury therapist or GP to make sure you can perform this stretch.

This stretch is very effective for those pounding their keyboards for several hours a day with limited physical activity. It can also help cyclists, runners, footballers, rugby players and the list goes on!

Right now it’s spring marathon season, there are so many runners getting their miles in leading up to the spring marathons. What this stretch does is help improve the flexibility at the front of your hip, which can improve your stride length. By improving your stride length you can cover more distance with less steps, which could be very handy for those with calf, ankle or foot pain.


Let us know what you think about this stretch, would be great to have some feedback!

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