New Location…Langley Park Golf Club Gym! 10/01/2020

It’s no longer a secret now, I will be based at Langley Park Golf Club Gym as of Monday 20th January 2020! I’ll be based there Monday to Wednesday, and still practising from Karma Studios on Thursdays. Clinic opening times will stay the same! Next week (week commencing 13th January 2020), I’ll be based at Ferndale House Monday to Wednesday for the last time, normal hours at Karma Studios on Thursday 16th January.

At Langley Park Golf Club Gym, there is a free car park for patients, and I have access to a gym. The gym has great facilities including squat racks, cable crossover machine, free weights, medicine balls, treadmills and more! This will allow me to improve my service to all of my patients, therefore you can reduce your recovery time from injury, and get back to full fitness sooner! And don’t worry, it’s a small gym so it won’t be busy, and we can get the most from the appointment.


I’d like to thank David, Veeren & all of the staff at Ferndale House for their help and support since January 2018! For existing patients, please read the email invitations and reminders for information on parking, entry etc to the treatment room.


Please spread the word to your friends and clubs!

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