Online Sports Therapy Consultations 23/03/2020

There’s no chance of avoiding or ignoring it, things are changing rapidly with Coronavirus (Covid-19), which means that I changed too! Last Friday, I followed the advice from the government & STO by changing all of my 1-2-1/face-to-face Sports Therapy and exercise rehabilitations appointments to Online Consultations until further notice.

As mush as I believe injury rehabilitation improves physical and mental health & wellbeing, I feel that I need to play my part in reducing the spread of Covid-19, by abiding to the social distancing rules and working from home, as set by the government. Your safety is my priority!


How does the Online Consultation work?

I have successfully delivered Online Consultations so far using FaceTime & WhatsApp video call. I also have Zoom & Skype available and am happy to download other apps. So how does it work? I will call you at the arrange time of appointment. All you need is:

  • A smartphone or webcam with plenty of battery
  • Internet/WiFi connection
  • Download Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and or FaceTime
  • To create space for practising the exercises safely
  • To gather all of your home gym equipment (weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, Swiss/Gym Balls)
  • Plenty of light available
  • Appropriate clothing, just like a normal face-to-face appointment. Shorts and T Shirt ideally different colours.
  • To find a way to prop your phone/tablet onto a steady surface to record yourself practising the exercises, or ask a family member to record you. Or if you have a stool/tripod/portable table that would be better. If you have a small portable table, you may just need some books to keep your phone upright.


What do the Online Consultation include?

During the consultation I can offer

  • Comprehensive injury history & health screening
  • Injury advice, management & diagnosis
  • Rehabilitations programmes
  • Exercise advice
  • Taping Advice

A very important benefit of the Online Consultations is that I can tailor the rehabilitation plans to the equipment at your home. In the past it can be difficult for me, or yourself to remember what equipment you have to maximise the effectiveness of your rehabilitation plan. However, as I can see what you have to use, I can create a new exercise to suit your surroundings. This means you can get the most from your rehabilitation plan, and we can progress further towards reaching our goals.

Sometimes there’s also a need to improvise, and I can suggest a few household objects which we can use as resistance in a safe way.


How long will it take? How much will it cost?

The cost of Online Consultations is £12 per 15 mins. In the event of appointments earlier or later, I’ll charge accordingly. An invoice will be sent to you via with details of payment via BACS or online transfer to be paid within 14 days.

I’ve kept my allocation of 1hr appointments for each patient, in case we need further discussions or adapt the rehabilitation exercise further. Appointments usually last 45 mins.


I’m a new client, can I make a booking?

If you are new to Hoss Sports Therapy, I would still love to be able to help you and can offer some general advice regarding your injury and suitable rehabilitation exercises. It’s not the same as a face-to-face assessment, I will be unable to conduct some fo the physical tests and assessments that I would normally include as part of an assessment.


Do I still get my appointment reminder & invitation?

Everything is the same as the face-to-face appointment, just conducted virtually. You will receive the email reminder and the email invitation for the follow up appointment, along with your updated rehabilitation plan sent via Track Active.


What do I do if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel an Online Consultation, no worries, just let me know and please give 24hrs notice to avoid any cancellation fees. All virtual appointments are non refundable.

Please click on this link and scroll down to read the Cancellation Policy


What does Hoss Sports Therapy need?

All I need is an emergency contact number, in the unlikely event something should happen within the consultation, I can reach out for help for you.


If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. To book an Online Consultation, contact me via the Contact Form or mobile 07828324773.


What next?!

It’s going to be a very unpredictable and tough time for the vast majority of us around the world. I think no more than ever we need to be positive, and use this period as a window of opportunity. To right some wrongs that we encountered during training, the season, or our health in general (as best as we can). Support each other with phonically, video calls to friends and loves ones.

Be as active as you can, and you may need to improvise. I will be uploading videos of ways to improvise and keep active at home. Please see my Social Media accounts for these videos. If you want me to do some specific, feel free to reach out and ask me!

According to the current measures, we can leave the house once a day for exercise which is a great opportunity, don’t waste it. But also don’t bend the rules of social distancing. If you need help or advice with how you can do this, working with your injury, then we are here to help.


Take care, stay at home and stay safe!


All the best,






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