Personal Training

Where will the Training Sessions be held?
Sessions can be at your own home, local park, or at Define Fitness in Beckenham. Define Fitness is a Personal Training Studio only used by Personal Trainers. There are shower facilities, lockers and free parking available to make life a lot easier for you. This is a perfect location for those who don’t like to workout in gyms because of confidence issues or feel crowded out.

I have an injury but want to train/ I have an old injury which I am wary of, can I still train?
The answer is yes but with guidance from me. I am a Graduate Sports Therapist with over 5 years of experience with sports injuries, with a full membership with the Sports Therapy Organisation. I have the knowledge and skills to diagnose injuries and prescribe rehabilitation programmes to remove the signs & symptoms of the injury, and progress you through exercises to gain strength at the injury site.

What can I expect?
You can expect to be:

  • Highly motivated and challenged within your own fitness capacity. I don’t expect you to do something you don’t like or can’t do, but I will be looking to allow you to reach your full fitness potential
  • Have support via email and phone on a regular basis.
  • Gain knowledge of health and fitness
  • To be encouraged to reach your full potential and therefore maximise your results
  • Understand what is good and bad for you. I am firmly believe that if we all understand what we are doing and why, we will adhere to it better
  • To be set goals which are achievable and specific to you. There will be Short Term and Long Term goals set, all of which will keep you focused and motivated
  • Highly focused

Personal Training Prices

Want to start Personal training but not on your own? Would you prefer to train with family and/or friends? I can train small groups on a 2:1, 3:1 or even 4:1 basis. Please click here to contact me for more information.

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