Runners Workshop

There’s a lot more to Running, than just Running!

Have you applied for next year’s London Marathon? Plan to do a Half Marathon next year, such as Run To The Beat, or Royal Parks Half Marathon? Or to do something different and go for Tough Mudder or something similar?

Think its just about running, stretching, buying shoes from Sports Direct and eating what you want? Unfortunately you are wrong…There is a lot more to running, than just running!!

I am organising a ‘Runners Workshop’ which will be a small class for Runners who are completely new, or have a few years experience.

The Workshop will include the following:

  • Injury Prevention (Prehab)
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Running Technique

I will also be giving advice on

  • Recovery
  • Alternative training
  • Nutrition
  • Injury Prevention

The Workshops will be held at Beckenham/Hayes and Bexley & will last 60-75 minutes. Limited spaces are available for every Workshop *& video analysis is provided to enhance learning.

Please contact me directly to find out when the next Workshop will be held, or look for updates on Facebook & Twitter.

Runners Workshop Prices

£8 per person per workshop

Bring a friend, both you and your friend pay £4 for the next workshop you attend