Window of Opportunity – Lockdown Lunges 01/04/2020

Here are the 1st videos for the lower body in the ‘Window of Opportunity’ blog, focussing on Lunges! I think lunges are a great lower body exercise with so many variations. I recorded 16 variations in the 3 videos, and yes my legs were sore afterwards!

I’ve kept the theme for the ‘Window of Opportunity’ blog, which is to use lateral thinking & make each exercise feasible to do at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’ve used broomsticks & bags for life for improvisations, of which I’m sure you have at home!

You can regress of progress the exercises to suit your physical ability/needs. I’ve organised the exercises so the easier exercises are at the start, with a gradual progression in difficulty towards the end.

Lockdown Lunges

Forward Lunge – A classic, just try and get both knees 90 degrees at least,

Forward Lunge with Glute Bias – Holding the bag/resistance on the same side as the back leg, makes the lateral gluteal muscles work hard to prevent you tilting your pelvis.

Forward Lunge with a Twist – This adds the challenge of keeping your balance, and works your abdominal & gluteal muscles slightly more

Forward Lunge with Broomstick – Holding the broomstick behind your back will make you feel taller and stretch your chest slightly. It will also make your hip flexor work harder.

In terms of sets & reps it’s very much individual according to your goals, physical ability & the equipment you have. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Lockdown Reverse Lunge

Assisted Reverse Lunge – A great option to start, where balance is removed by holding the chair or wall. To increase intensity, hold a bag for life with weights.

Reverse Lunge – The Classic exercise, a great way to strengthen & lengthen your hip flexors, as well as working quads & gluteals.

Reverse Lunge with Hip Flexion – A slight progression, driving the non-weight bearing leg forwards. This is a great addition for those who run or do sports involving running.

Reverse Lunge with Hip Flexion on a Step – Now this is a step up (excuse the pun) from the previous exercise. The step provides a greater range of movement, therefore a lot more work!


Lockdown Multi-Directional Lunges

Lateral Lunge – This will test the groin & gluteal muscle more. Remember to sit back as well as bend the knee. Don’t just bend the knee.

Lateral Lunge with Pallof Press – A good variation adding resistance, as well as testing back and shoulder strength & balance.

Crossover Lunge aka Curtsy Lunge – A great exercise adding rotation & testing the gluteal muscle group more! Just keep balance and keep the front knee above the ankle. The usual lunge principles apply.

Crossover Lunge on a Step – Again you have a greater range of movement with the step, and balance will be a lot harder!

Sliding Lateral Lunge – Another example of improvisation, where the towel acts as and aid and resistance. Your groin muscles will work a lot more, this is a great exercise for runners, footballers & rugby players.

Diagonal Sliding Lunge – A slightly different angle making the hip flexors work with your groin muscles. If you can picture a compass, move the towel with your right leg to ‘South East‘. If using your L leg, move the towel to ‘South West’. To make the exercise harder, create more friction with the floor, or add weights.

Please let me know how you get on with the exercises. If you’re unsure on anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, feel free to share to your friends, family & clubs! These exercises are great for many sports such as running, cycling, swimming, rugby, football, tennis, golf, netball & hockey to name a few!


Finally, stay at home & stay safe!




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